Laura Kinahan


Of Irish-American descent, Laura Kinahan however grew up in European cities. After receiving a university degree in Art History and Comparative Philosophy, she went on to study academic art at the ' Scuola di Belle Arte ' in Florence, Italy , while simultaneously developing her own style of painting. A long-time interest in pottery then led her to work for one year in a ceramic factory just outside of Florence, where she specialised in painting the classical tuscan designs. Many years later in Switzerland, she worked with a local potter and then with a Japanese master, developing her own style with the interesting japanese techniques.
Laura's work has been influenced by oriental art and philosophy,  whether using China ink , watercolor, acrylic, or natural pigments as medium. The notion of yin-yang, contrasting aggressive and spontaneous brushstrokes with quiet ' empty ' space on a canvas, is an integral part of her creative process.
In 1998, Laura began to sculpt marble, attracted to stone through her great interest in archeology. After working in a local studio sculpting a variety of stones, she worked on marble blocks on a site near the quarries of Carrara, Italy. She still regularly spends time in this region, working with other sculptors.
Laura Kinahan lives and works in her studio above Rolle, in Switzerland.